Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank You God for the late '80s and early '90s!!!

Boy, do I remember the days of Cosby Show, A Different World, Video Soul, Video LP, Rap City w/ Chris Thomas "The Mayor", School Daze, House Party, Boyz N The Hood & of course, New Jack City. The years '87-'92 were great years for music as well. Fashion was say the least. It was around this time that I found a love for DJing, barbering, and girls. I guess you could say that the movie, The Wood would sum everything up for me.

In regards to R&B, the music scene was transitioning from the big band sound as well as moving away from the synthesizer, pop-keyboard sound. Most of the urban sound was becoming younger and edgier with the help of a technique called sampling and the introduction to the SP 1200 and MPC 60 and MPC 60II.

Many new faces began to emerge as talented multi-million selling artists that commanded the radio and t.v. with the help of the music video.

For me, these years served as inspiration and also began the descension of my then-perfect G.P.A. Not saying that music had a negative affect on me, but forced me to realize other talents that were suppressed and ready to be released.

Attached is a recent mix that reflects the feelings and thoughts that I had as a 12 year old beginning DJ.

To all of the artists that made an impact on me during this time period, thank you so much.


New Jack Swing '08

Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Jane Child ('90)

Why You Gettin' Funky On Me - Today ('90)

Is It Good To You - Heavy D & The Boyz ('92)

Something Just Ain't Right - Keith Sweat ('88)

New Jack Swing - Wreckz N Effect ('90)

I Thought It Was Me - BBD ('89)

Groove Me - Guy ('88)

New Jack City - Guy ('91)

I'm Dreamin' - Christopher Williams ('91)

We Got Our Own Thang - Heavy D & The Boyz ('89)

Just Got Paid - Johnny Kemp ('88)

Your Sweetness - The Good Girls ('89)

Poison (RMX) - BBD ('89)

Do The Right Thing - Redhead Kingpin ft. Big Bubb ('89)

Yo Baby Yo - Ralph Tresvant ('92)

Money Can't But You Love - Ralph Tresvant ('92)

Just As Me To - Tevin Campbell ft. Chubb Rock ('91)

Let The Beat Hit Em' - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam ('91)

The Power - Chill Rob G ('89)

The Power - Snap ('89)

Ownlee Ewe - Kwame' & The New Beginning ('90)

Treat Em' Right - Chubb Rock ('90)

Kiss You Back - Digital Underground ('90)

Me, Myself & I - De La Soul ('88)

Can't Do Nuthin For Ya - Public Enemy ('90)

Tales From The Darkside - Ice Cube & Chuck D ('90)

I'm Mad - EPMD ('90)

Let The Rythym Hit Em' - Eric B & Rakim ('90)

Bad To The Bone - Kool G Rap & Polo ('90)

Get The Job Done - Big Daddy Kane ('89)

What U Waitin' 4 - The Jungle Brothers ('88)

Hot Music - Soho ('91)


EboniEyes said...
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EboniEyes said...

I must say you had me think back to the days of wearing overalls and ponytails. And that awkard moment of my first kiss in the back of the school gym.

Gangsta D said...

You know this takes me back to them days at Morehouse. I believe I even put a little mix together. Bourbans & Impalas over the Streets Is Watching beat. You know it was dope:)