Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Friends and members of my musical family, I would like to talk about a certain aspect that was introduced to me about 4 years ago. Essentially, I was listening to a mix from a DJ friend by the name of Ox Banga and while listening, I noticed certain nuances that were quite different from my mix cds. I noticed that his mixes were very intricate in that, I heard multi-tracks going on at the same time. As curious as I was to learn something new, I inquired as to how he could make a simple mix sound so studio-like. He explained to me that all of the mixes were done on digital mixer board. Ox further went on to say that the board not only allowed him to multi-track, but allowed him to erase mistakes or even save a mix and then come back to it later. I thought to myself unbelievable and asked how long did it take to learn. Ox responded and said that it took him no time to learn. I scoffed at his response and said whatever, but low and behold, I picked up one while in Little Rock and quickly found out that he wasn't lying. It took me a total of 5 minutes to get the gist of everything. From there, it was all she wrote. So, behold attached is the first digital mix cd that I recorded back in '05. The whole mix took me 8 hours to produce, but it was well worth it. Sit back relax and enjoy!!!


Monday, May 5, 2008

It is better to be LIQUID.........

Here we are folks. Again another tasty treat for you all to enjoy and pop in your IPods.

This was actually the last one of the Liquid Soul series. However, it is not the last in what I

have to give you in the near future.


Liquid Soul V.20 (circa '01)

Wonderful - India Arie

Give Me - Jill Scott

That Girl - Stevie Wonder

Here We Go - Portrait

Gotta Have Your Love - Mantronix (Rare Classic)

Baby Be Mine - Michael Jackson

Make You Feel That Way (Inst) - Blackalicious

Imagination - Hansoul (Rare)

Stay Awhile - Loose Ends

The Rain - Oran " Juice" Jones (Classic)

Is It Good To You - Heavy D. & The Boyz

That's The Joint, That's The Jam - Black Eyed Peas (Before Fergie)

You Called And Told Me - Jeff Redd

Give Me The Night - George Benson

Step On Up - Boyz II Men

Jazz (Inst) - Soulive

Peachfuzz (Inst) - KMD

Good Lovin' - Ledesi

My Love - Carl Macintosh

Saturday - Brand New Heavies ft. Mos Def

No One - Maxwell