Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome to SUITE 135!!!

I would like to talk about a time in my life in which I was actually unemployed. It was around 2004, stressed with bills and all the time in the world, I decided to use my time wisely and "inject" my creative juices into several projects. I called this one Suite 135 because that was the actual address where I was living at the time. Uncertain of my next moves, I just cranked out mix after mix. Attached is one that I did maybe a month into my unemployment.
Suite 135 (Circa '04)
The Morning After - Andre' 3000
Prototype - Andre' 3000
Find A Way - Frank McComb
Take A Message - Remy Shand
By Your Side (RMX) - Sade
Goodbye - Kai Simmons
Harmonize - John Forte' ft. Robin Springer
Crazy - Javier
Beautiful U R - Javier
Didn't Mean - Mary J. Blige
Searchin' - Little Big Bee
Rocket Ship (RMX) - Donnie
Fly - Rebirth
Looking For Love - Vikter Duplaix
Low Down - Sweetback
Made For The Game - Peven Everett
Remind Me - Patrice Rushen
Summer Days - Jimmy Summerville ft. John Legend

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Search of Lost Soul!!!

I remember it like it was yesterday. My "sands" and I happened to go on a road trip to the University of Alabama and kick it with our bruhs over at the frat house. Amid all of the events that were going on, I stumbled across a gentleman groovin' to the tunes that were being played on the stereo. We engaged in light banter and found out that we both had a passion for music. And so, as the years went on, we exchanged many musical masterpieces. One in particular, is a twenty-something volume set that he called "The Gruvement". Attached is Volume 22, which showcases some hidden gems from some unknown and known artists. Good work Lost Soul. Keep hitting us with the good stuff!!!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Liquid Folks.....

Hello everyone, I hope that all is well. Here is another dose of liquid soul that I did back in 2000. Enjoy!!

Liquid Soul V.18 (circa '00)
Intro - Ursula Rucker
Hustle - Slum Village (Rare)
Ghetto Heaven - Family Stand
Groove Thang - Zhane'
Temporary Nights - Maxwell
Well (Instrumental) - DJ Quik ft. Raphael Saadiq
New Language - Spacek
Jazzy's Groove - Soul II Soul (Classic)
Fairplay - Soul II Soul (Classic)
Instrumental -Hi-Fidelity
Feelin' It - Kamal The Abstract (Rare)
Tape You - NERD
Hard To Get - Black Coffee
I See You - Ruff Endz
Nothing Can Come Between Us - Sade
Sun - New Sector Movement
One For All - Brand Nubian
Never Stop - Brand New Heavies
Shook Up On Your Love - Modoji
Brazillian Instrumental - Chico
Full Moon - Brandy