Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beat Central #2


As you all already know, I have been trying to master my craft in beat-making. I have really surprised myself in that, I have really learned a lot in such a short time. Lately, I have been working on incorporating more keys to my tracks to give them a fuller sound. I have also been receiving great response.....shout out to all of the people who gave me good feedback.

Anyways, I was listening to a couple of classic tracks and one in particular caught my attention. The song that I am speaking of is Burt Backarach's "Look Of Love". Released in the 60's, this songs has been remixed and redone many times from various artists including Isaac Hayes, Diana Krall and my favorite, J-Dilla.

Well, I decided to put my twist on it. Check a remake by Dusty Springfield then check out my version.


Dusty Springfield - Look Of Love

J-Finesse - Look Of Love

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Thomas said...

Two words:

Fender Rhodes

While I'm not entirely sure of what sound you are trying to create (given your countless influences), its hard to imagine the 'vibe' without them. I'm sure you are the last person I would have to tell, but listen to that Patrice track you love so much and you'll hear of what I speak. There are so many artists who use them wrong, but when used right, its priceless.

I particularly like when used to add color to a song. Not really playing a melody, but setting background. A good example is the beginning of Space Cowboy.

For a more advanced sounding, Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel. Very melodic and colorful.