Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jane Child ...The One Hit Wonder!!!

Thank the Lord for VH1, with the exception of I Luv New York. Anyways, just recently there was a show on one hit wonders and the mc brought up a song that I totally forgot about, but was happy to hear it again. The song was "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" by Jane Child. (circa '90)

Born into a musical family in Toronto, Jane Child took violin lessons from her father and voice lessons from her mother. Rock wasn't allowed in her home, but she did listen to an R&B station from nearby Buffalo, NY, and had hopes of starting a band. Child dropped out of the Royal Conservatory of Music to join a rock band in Toronto. Signed to Warner Music in 1988 on the strength of just a demo tape, Jane Child released her first single, "Don't Wanna Fall in Love," in 1990. Her self-titled debut album appeared that same year and Here and There followed in 1993.

Boy, I can remember the djs playing this on the radio stations (Q106 & WFMF 102.5) in Baton Rouge. This version attached is a remix that was produced by none other than, Teddy Riley.



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