Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Rare Gem!!!


This particular rare gem I have to give credit to Soul Train. As you all probably already know, Retro-episodes of Soul Train are being aired again on the Chicago-based station, WGN and for the last year and some change, I have been religously watching and recording as many episodes as possible. One night, I just happened to pop in an episode that had Con Funk Shun as guest performers where they performed their hit "Got To Be Enough". During the interview with Don Cornelius, the members mentioned that the album was coming out soon and it was entitled "Spirit Of Love". From what I can remember, this album went on to be successful for the group and further solidified the group as a top-notch funk band.

Suffice it to say, that I pulled out the album from the collection in my studio and did some needle dropping and what do you know, another gem was found. As a matter of fact, the second track on the album entitled "By Your Side" is a stepper's dream. A mellow-mid tempo (83bpm) groove that spotlights the falsetto and tenor prowess of member, Felton C. Pilate. The funny thing about this particular record is that it saw new life 20 years later on the rap duo, 2nd II None's second album entitled "Classic 220" as the musical backbone of the song "Y?". Pilate did receive composer credits, but I am sure it was just pocket change due to the fact that the album produced lackluster sales.

"Y?" by 2nd II None (circa 2000)

At any rate, enjoy the original song that actually helped bring Con Funk Shun's album to Gold Status as the second single off of the album. Also, listen at how DJ Quik literally steals this song, but adds his signature G-Funk element to the record to make 2nd II None's version easy on the ear as well.

Oh, BTW, Felton C. Pilate went on to become a well paid producer in the early 90's for MC Hammer. Vallejo and Oakland rock on!!!



"By Your Side" by Con Funk Shun (circa 1980)

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