Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"STAY" with Brian Conley!!!

With all of the talk about Steve Harvey's new book, people have definitely overlooked the up-and-coming authors that traverse these same United States. One that comes to mind is my childhood friend by the name of Brian C. Conley. Brian, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been writing since he was a kid and over the years has perfected his craft. His latest masterpiece is entitled "Stay". 


“I thought you said this was a love story.”
“No, I said it was a story about love. There’s a difference.”
For most of his life, Anthony Bryant has been able to elude any kind of emotional attachments with the deftness of a running back avoiding tackle. But when he meets Natalie, the alluring friend of the woman he is currently seeing, it’s a struggle to resist the magnetic pull she has on him. She’s sexy, funny, and shares his love ’em and leave ’em philosophy. She also brings about feelings in him he hasn’t known since he was a child when jealousy, betrayal, insanity, and murder tore his family apart. Will Anthony be able to overcome his long-buried demons and experience love for the first time in his life or will it destroy him the way he has seen it happen to loved ones before?

Told in Anthony’s words to the new woman in his life, follow the story of a young man trying to do what few men attempt: To explain to his woman why he is the way he is.

Brian's novel is available at amazon, target and other major bookstores. Please support Brian in his endeavor to provide great reading material. Brian is currently working on several other novels including one that will be a tag-team effort with me, J-Finesse!!!


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Ordered the book off of your recommendation. Can't wait to read it.