Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Connect - Primo Hov

We've all been put into a trance by the hypnotic masterpieces created by DJ Premiere. The first thing out of your mouth is usually, "Damn that was dope." The second thing is usually, "Where did he get that sample?" Well gosh darn it, that's where I come in. But this week, we're gonna make it a little more special. This week we're looking at beats that Primo concocted for Jay-Z. Ahh yeah, I can see your head nodding already. On to the records.



Allen Toussaint - "Go Back Home"

Friend Or Foe


Wood, Brass & Steel - "Hey What's That You Say"

So Ghetto


Ennio Morricone - "Sporca Ma Distinto"
Steve Cropper -
"Crop Dustin"

A Million and One Questions (Remix)

Dorothy Ashby - "Cause I Need It"
Latimore -
"Let Me Go"
The Main Ingredient -
"Car Of Love"

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