Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hypnotik Soul V.3 & Southern House-pitality V.3 Coming Soon to Little 5 Soul & Earwax Records

For all of those who were unaware, I have two editions of music that I currently sell in record stores. The titles are Hypnotik Soul and Southern House-pitality. Both editions have been received quite well and have helped me develop a following of fans in the process. Both editions will be released next week and will be ready for you all in the Atlanta area. The Southern House-pitality V.3 is an anniversary it has been a year already since the first volume was released. It will contain some grooved out house tracks as well as some classics that used to and still do rock the party!!!

Hypnotik Soul V.3 expands further into the neo-soul genre and infuses uk soul, hip-hop and a couple of other surprises. However, I can't tell you would spoil the surprise. Anyways, head on down to Little 5 Soul or Earwax Records whenever you get a chance and pick up both if you can. I am sure your musical palate will be satisfied.


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