Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, everyone....if you live in Atlanta then you know what this weekend was like. The forecast predicticted scattered showers and thunderstorms and on Friday afternoon, it seemed to be holding up. Then came Friday night's monsunal pour. At any rate, it was a great weekend for me as far as gigging. I had three gigs and they all went well in addition to other things. Attached is this week's forecast. Hopefully, this will get you through the week. Enjoy!!!


Sunday's Forecast 5/3/09

1) Jazztronik - Room #204

2) Ain't No Ifs or Maybes - PPP

3) Icing on The Cake - Anthony Hamilton

4) Honey - Erykah Badu

5) I Know (Finesse RMX) - Jay-Z

6) Yeah - Havanna

7) Fall In Love - Flying Lotus

8) Loving Music - J-Dilla

9) Sounds Like Love

10) Work It Out (Dela Mix) - Q-Tip

11) Benson - J-Finesse

12) Don't You Have A Man - Drake ft. Little Brother & Dwele'

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