Sunday, January 18, 2009


What can one say about "The King Of Pop"? Well, whatever one chooses whether it be good or bad, everyone can agree that the brother is talented. Me personally, I enjoyed all of his music. I have followed him through the highs and the lo's, through his kid years to his young adult years and unto his status now. Many years later his music still shines through, which is evident by the enormous catalog this man possesses. Once again, I stumbled across a rare gem while shopping at the local "Wax-N-Fax" in little 5 points. This particular album was one of the solo projects that Motown released before cutting Michael and his brothers loose from the then fledgling record company. Amid all of the legal turmoil that the group was enduring at the time, Michael was able to release a gem of an album with "Forever, Michael". One can automatically sense that Michael was going through puberty as his voice changes between songs throughout the entire album. This album was a nice mix of mid-tempo grooves and sentimental slow jams. However, one particular cut that stood out to me was the track, "Dear Michael". Dear Michael is about a hopeful fan who is so in love with Michael that even though he receives many letters and no matter how many times she writes him she believes that one day he would read the letter.

All in all, it was such a groovy track that I immediately had to put my touches on it.....all out of due respect that is . Attached is both the original and my version of the song that will be released on my upcoming beat cd entitled "The Nod Factor". I hope you enjoy!!!

Dear Michael - Michael Jackson

We Miss You Michael - J-Finesse

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